27. Venture Capital: Antoine Papiernik, Chairman & Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners

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The State of MedTech Hosted By Omar M. Khateeb
27. Venture Capital: Antoine Papiernik, Chairman & Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners

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Antoine Papiernik serves as the Chairman and Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners, where he has been an initial investor and active board member in a number of public companies, including Actelion, ProQR, Shockwave Medical, NovusPharma (sold to CTI), Movetis (sold to Shire), and Pixium Vision.

He has also invested in and is a board member of private companies including Reflexion Medical, Tissium, Pi-Cardia, SafeHeal, and more.

Antoine has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and has twice been named as one of the world’s top venture capital investors on the Forbes Midas List.

In This Episode

  • (7:19) Antoine’s background
  • (09:47) Antoine’s medtech mentors
  • (14:06) Difficult lessons learned
  • (17:28) How Sofinnova maintains a competitive edge
  • (22:18) Major themes Antoine is seeing in medtech this year
  • (28:01) The silver lining of COVID-19 for healthcare investors
  • (30:30) Changes in the limited partner community
  • (34:24) How Sofinnova looks at healthcare investments
  • (38:08) Technologies and markets that have caught Antoine’s interest
  • (39:53) Promising emerging markets
  • (45:24) A book that’s impacted Antoine’s life
  • (46:17) Antoine’s message for investors

Antoine Papiernik


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