Grow Your Sales Pipeline & Drive Technology Adoption Without Stepping into a Hospital.

Sell from inside the conversation. Learn how I drive engagement and demand where physicians and decision-makers are.

Those Who Win Adapt When the World Changes.

The pandemic changed everything. Hospitals have kicked you out. Physician access is limited. However, it’s still possible to speak directly to the people you need to reach, and do it so they’re open to hearing you.


Struggling to get your message out and generate demand? 


Not growing your pipeline and can’t seem to have consistent deal flow? 


Trying to raise a round for your startup but investors don’t know about you? 

I’m Omar Khateeb

I’m Omar Khateeb. I help medtech sales people succeed by learning and leveraging skills that I developed initially for myself, to sell in medtech as a salesperson and sales leader.

I’m not a guru and I don’t have a grand theory. Instead there’s vision backed by experience and research. I know how to do it because I’ve done it, so I can show you how.

Medical Sales Network Effects:
Technology Adoption at Scale

Physicians are spending more time on social media and using platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to discuss technology, clinical techniques, and more.

Why use the old, outdated, and annoying strategies your competitors use such as showing up unannounced to the clinic, chasing prospects at a conference, or spamming their email inboxes?

Learn the tested tools and innovative tactics required to sell medtech to more physicians and institutions than ever before. You can’t outgrind a rapidly-evolving space, but you can learn to thrive inside it. Sales Network Effects teaches you how.

The State of Medtech

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