128. Sales: Why Training is The Key To Every Successful Product Launch With Liz Cumby

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The State of MedTech Hosted By Omar M. Khateeb
The State of MedTech Hosted By Omar M. Khateeb
128. Sales: Why Training is The Key To Every Successful Product Launch With Liz Cumby

00:00 – Introduction and Background
04:17 – The Importance of Sales Training and Targeting the Right Physicians
06:10 – Common Mistakes in Training and Advice for Improvement
09:26 – The Role of Recorded Training and In-Depth Discussion
11:18 – The Complexity of Products and Training Challenges
14:45 – The Need for Basic Skills in Sales and Training
18:06 – Measuring the Success of Training
19:35 – Simultaneous Physician and Sales Training
21:46 – The Lack of Training in Digital and Remote Sales
24:39 – The Importance of Planning and Organization in Sales
27:04 – The Need for Change and Improvement in the MedTech Industry
31:23 – The Growing Pains and Challenges in the Industry
32:59 – Advice for Young Professionals Interested in Sales Training
34:18 – Training Topics and Resources
35:14 – Formal Training and Certifications
36:08 – Investing in Education
36:44 – Utilizing Video Content in Training
37:27 – Characteristics of Excellent Trainers
38:38 – Characteristics of Ineffective Trainers
39:42 – The Role of Assessment in Training
41:28 – Multiple Approaches to Training and Assessment
43:08 – The Value of Seeking Expert Help
44:29 – The Importance of Investing in Training
46:52 – The Need for Continuous Learning
48:10 – Podcasts and Books Recommendations
53:51 – The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in MedTech
57:46 – Challenges Faced by Women in MedTech
59:29 – Recognizing Female Leaders in MedTech
01:01:26 – Wildest Stories in the MedTech Industry
01:02:07 – Connecting with Liz Cumby

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