31: Leadership: Former Stryker President Jim Heath

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The State of MedTech Hosted By Omar M. Khateeb
The State of MedTech Hosted By Omar M. Khateeb
31: Leadership: Former Stryker President Jim Heath

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LinkedIn post announcing Jim coming on the show (read the comments people left)

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29:51 The Zimmer vs Stryker Rivalry

32:04 The one product that gave Stryker it’s first major edge in the market

39:00 Jim’s first big break at Stryker

42:21 What helped Jim move up the ranks at Stryker

48:00 The resources top sales people should tap into

48:22 How Jim started a Stryker sales newsletter in the 80s

50:39 Jim’s take on having a career plan to move up

54:26 How customers reacted the day Jim became president

56:51 The hardest medical sales role to fill

58:00 What Jim learned from Gallop about hiring top medical sales talent

59:46 The mistake hiring managers make when looking at a resume

60:00 Hidden qualities of a great sales manager

63:00 Where great medical sales leadership starts

63:30 What former Intuitive Surgical and Mazor Robotics VP of Sales Chris Sells did to develop top talent and strengthen teams

64:01 The skill a medical sales manager must have

66:06 Why you shouldn’t always hire people you worked with

71:00 The importance for medtech execs to optimize their fitness and health

78:10 The hole Stryker was in during the 2008 financial crisis

78:52 Why the FDA put Stryker on Double Secret Probation

83:00 How Jim almost got fired his first year as president

85:00 What helped Stryker get traction to grow revenue and get traction after the 2008 financial crisis

87:00 How “The Instruments Way” Roadmap at Stryker paved a road to success

90:00 How Nepture became the workhorse of Styker’s growth

96:00 Lessons learned from Stryker’s acquisition of Mako

101:30 Jim reflects on his biggest lessons of his time as president

104:00 Questions from LinkedIn: What was your approach to keeping everyone engaged and motivated? Brian Knop

106:40 Questions from LinkedIn: What were the 2-3 qualities you’ve seen in the most successful reps? Justin Morris

107:30 Questions from LinkedIn: What is something most people get wrong about you? Beth Whitten

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