59. Rep Life: Med Rep Trends with Kevin Brown of Device Nation

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The State of MedTech Hosted By Omar M. Khateeb
59. Rep Life: Med Rep Trends with Kevin Brown of Device Nation

Being a Medical Sales Rep is one of the most physically and mentally challenging sales roles around.

“Rep Life” is about the day-to-day grind of being rep. Kevin Brown 🎸 has documented this for years on LinkedIn with his iconic “Stupid Rep Trick” posts that highlight hacks that reps can use in the field.

Kevin’s knowledge about the ins and outs of the medical device sales landscape is both vast and unique, built from years of firsthand experience working as a rep and now as the host of his popular podcast, Device Nation.

In our conversation with Kevin, we dive deep into the life of a medical sales rep – the triumphs, the challenges, the day-to-day grind. But we’ll also explore the burgeoning trends that are currently shaping the medical sales industry.

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