6. Surgical Robotics: Is this the new future? Moon Surgical’s JP Morgan Healthcare Fireside Chat.

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The State of MedTech Hosted By Omar M. Khateeb
6. Surgical Robotics: Is this the new future? Moon Surgical's JP Morgan Healthcare Fireside Chat.

For physicians watching you can get a CME for reflecting on this event. Just click this link and write your takeaways. https://earnc.me/EbU4rm

We interview Moon Surgical CEO Anne Osdoit and COO Jeffery Alvarez about the future of surgical robotics and what Moon Surgical is launching. 


19:21 Functionality of Moon compared to a computer assisted holding system 

22:06 Talking through video of the Moon system and its functionality  

28:38 Is the monitor for the surgeon in 3D and will there be a future headset? 

31:02 What investigations have been done for surgeons needing situational awareness? 

33:55 How machine learning/AI will impact surgical robotics 

40:19 Controversial Moment – How is Moon Surgical not just a fancy scope holder? 

45:32 What is the driving need and clinical benefit from deviating from console-driven control robotics which have dominated the market? 

45:32 Why should investors look at Moon Surgical? 

54:25 What is the business model for Moon and how is cost justified for low reimbursed procedures? 

57:52 How can we make endo oral procedures with Moon platform? 

59:43 Why would someone want to join Moon Surgical’s team? 

1:07:37 Is there a disposable revenue stream based on the system utilizing traditional lap instruments and video endoscopy systems?  

1:09:35 Is there a long term data/surgical automation/navigation strategy?    

Learn more about Moon Surgical at https://www.moonsurgical.com/ 

Watch the video interview here: https://youtu.be/Ms1h8qmFt1I

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